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Overhaul and Bench Testing

Our test bench can measure Hydraulic Pressure, Flow and Temperature during testing of all hydraulic components.

Test-bench parameters

  • All types of Pumps/Motors & other hydraulic components
  • Up to 5000 PSI test pressure
  • 100 Horse Power
  • Manual & computer automates.
  • Variable speed up to 1500 RPM max


The Eaton Corporation is a major global player in the hydraulic market place. Through natural growth and acquisitions they are one of the market leaders and Heavy equipment parts are proud to be associated with such a prominent company. The service we offer on this product line Includes a full and comprehensive reconditioning service for both pumps and motors, service exchange programmed for more common units, new supply, spare part supply, test facilities, plus onsite-troubleshooting service.


Hydro controls/Pedro Roquet product range is one of the biggest and most complete in our sector. Starting from our consolidated to our more innovative products we have always catered for customization.