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CGR Hydraulic Pumps

Today’s equipment is hydraulics-intensive. So more and more, the decisions machine owners make about their equipment’s hydraulics directly impact their bottom line.

CGR Piston and Gear pumps and motors are designed, manufactured and tested to meet the unique performance requirements of Construction equipment models they are used in. This ensures they achieve the specific machine performance, reliability, durability, operating costs and productivity requirements. The design and manufacturing of CGR Piston and Gear pumps and motors also allows for a variety of service/repair options.

CGR, the reliable pumps for a broad variety of Construction equipment enable to provide the components you need for your applications including:

  • Piston pumps for steering implement and fan systems.
  • Piston pumps and motors for hydrostatic transmission systems.
  • Piston and gear motors for open circuits Gear pumps and motors for fan drive systems.
  • Gear pumps for implement systems.
  • Gear pumps for engine lubrication (oil), transmission and brake cooling systems.

CGR Pumps meet specific application requirements, provide excellent performance capabilities in demanding conditions — as proven by extensive testing and experience in the field — and allow easier maintenance over the life of the equipment.

We, United Motors & Heavy Equipment Co, Heavy Equipment Spare Parts Division offer the following sub-category pumps:


Quality Pumps from CGR of ITALY for Construction Equipment*.

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