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EURORICAMBI Crown and Pinion

Euroricambi S.p.A, produces spare parts for gearbox and differential for vehicles such as Construction Heavy Equipments, trucks buses, tractors and cars. The Euroricambi product perfectly interchangeable with it as it is produced using the same quality standards and adopting the same technological processes used by the original manufacturers.

Euroricambi products are made using the most advanced technologies for gear manufacturing. The Euroricambi workshops contain the most recent and sophisticated models on the market of Emag lathes, Liebherr and Pfauter gear cutting machines and Gleason bevel gear cutting machines, all managed by powerful numerical control computers.

The Euroricambi range essentially consists of crown wheel and pinion sets, gears, shafts and synchronizers and covers a high number of gearboxes and differential units of original manufacturers.

ANTONIO MASIERO, taken over by the Euroricambi Group and presently called A.M. Gears, works in a new machine tool department exploiting cutting edge equipment for dimensional gear tests.

The production is strictly “MADE IN ITALY”, which proves the will to boost the distinct “engineering” pride of Bologna, backed by esteemed enterprises renowned worldwide.


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